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Devin is a rare find, a technologist that 'gets' business. He's a strategist that is equally comfortable rapidly prototyping web sites and applications or developing scalable systems. He operates without ego and understands that, in business, every day, you have to go out and earn your way. He is a hands-on, do-what-it-takes player and doesn't complain about the effort or sacrifice. It was a pleasure to work with Devin and I was sorry to see him go. I would undoubtedly and enthusiastically work with him again and recommend him to anyone considering working with him.

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Skills acquired:

Apache / NGINX
Memcached / Redis
Laravel 4
CodeIgniter, Kohana
Zend Framework
jQuery / Node.js
Section 508

More: Linux (Red Hat/Debian), Free & OpenBSD, NGINX, CouchDB, Smarty, Xapian Search Engine, Lucene Search, Postfix, Amazon EC2 & S3, OAuth, JSON, JSONP, SOAP, Various API's (including my own), XML, XMLRPC, REST, XSS, SQL Injection, GIT, SVN, CVS, Mercurial, SSH, and more.


Free code:

  • JS CSRF »

    Replaces CAPTCHA and other CSRF form tokenization techniques. By using client side events attached to elements to store a cookie on the client, we eliminate the ability of a vast majority of tools & techniques to access protected resources.

  • HTMLPurifier Wrapper »

    Simple wrapper class for the invaluable HTMLPurifier library. Makes general purpose use a breeze. Provides options for recursing multi-dimensional arrays as well as short-cuts for advanced usage.

  • InProgress Jquery Plugin »

    InProgress is jQuery plugin that adds a progress bar directly under text inputs. It solves the age old UX issue of having a maximum character limit for an input field and the user having no idea how close they are to exceeding the limit.

Check out my GitHub page for more of my projects and contributions to the Open Source community.